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Merman by Zjackt Merman by Zjackt


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AnaxErik4ever Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Student Writer
I normally see this in my mind with Sherlock with the tail, but this is a nice change! I love John's little ear fins!
seriousjokerfan Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
Once upon a time...
Deep, deep in the ocean, there was a merman named John.

He was not much like other mermen, in constant pursuit of other's company, rather he'd developed in a level-headed dutiful merman. He did not take much interest in what occurred above the surface, as it did not bother him, or affect his assigned duties to care for the others injuries, or his duties as patrolling the underwater kingdom.

Once, during a whale hunt, a stray harpoon caught his arm, and though he was still assigned to caring for the injured, he was no longer allowed to patrol.

This gave him far too much free time, and so - one day, he floated lazily to the surface.

He caught himself on a rock and watched the solitary boat, with the solitary figure rowing across the Great Blue by itself.

He thought to himself, that whoever that was - they must be very, very lonely all alone like that, rowing across the Great Blue Water.


Once upon a time...
Far far away, there was a pirate named Sherlock.

((I fear I didn't do it any justice, now I really want to see a good fic written about this. :D goditsbeautifulandthewater'samazingannnndddd.....
You made me write John's point of view.
I normally do Sherlock's so that's quite the achievement!))
Zjackt Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I want to read more.^ ^
seriousjokerfan Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
If I keep being inspired like that I might write more than this, but I'd rather collaborate on it, or read it myself, lol.

Sherlock wasn't the sort of pirate to tolerate others company, in fact, he loathed it.
He'd prefer his little skiff and his books and his sword.

And the head of the merchant captain he had killed.
He was trying to capture his own ship, though he would still need to figure out exactly how one man would go up against a merchant ship (as to the risk of death he cared not). He was not particularly fond of his brother's tactics within The Company against pirates.

Of course they'd be looking for him, wanting him to return and attend to his duties.
To marry.

The very though nearly made him seasick, though it had nothing to do with the movement.
He didn't want to marry a dim-witted girl, be expected to fit in to society now.

He never had before.

So he continues to row his little skiff alone. A splash alerts him that someone's on the rocks.

Merpeople are in these waters. Perhaps he'll fit in better with them than with his brother's Company associates.
He won't go to them, though - not just yet.


John clings to his rock, flattening himself, watching the figure row a little closer.
He slips back into the water, regretfully.

Afraid of being seen.

For the first time since his injury, he's ashamed of the puckered mark on his arm.
Zjackt Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Fascinating plot!
Both of them come to life in your fic.
What will happen to that two guys have their own troubles when they meet?
*My brain operates so fast *
Sorry I can not use complex words to describe my feelings.Because english is not my first language.
seriousjokerfan Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
You can try, I won't mind. What language is your native, perhaps I can have someone translate? I am thinking of having this battle, and I'm working up to it. :)

He rows to the other side of the rock, there's a damp spot where someone was crouched there, watching him.

He picks off a few scales from the rock, examining them between his fingers, then putting them in a small case.

"How interesting," he observes, looking around to find no one watching him from anywhere, as there are no other rocks around. There's the shimmer of a departing tail below.

He sighs, then begins to row back to his little island.
Had he a proper ship, he'd be able to travel halfway around the world - though he wasn't sure if he cared to have a crew.

After all, people didn't appeal to him. Much.

And his brother will try to haul him off again, and behave.

John crouches underneath the overhang by his cave. Had the human seen him?
Humans weren't supposed to see the merpeople - really.

He knew they did for their songs at night - but that was mainly the females, to lure the humans in their boats to give up their treasures. He had patrolled those things - why would he care about being seen by a solitary pirate?

There were no boats from The Company or the rogues for miles, so he must be alone.
Shipwrecked, probably. Going mad without the companionship of his fellows, as humans were known to do.

Hopefully he wouldn't hurt one of the maids if he had an episode.

"John, why are you hiding in there?" It's a melodious voice that sings to him.

"I'm not hiding. I'm thinking."

"Oh." She's the picture of the perfect mermaid, but not one that he's chosen - dark blonde, her jewelry consistent of bones from the skeletons she's picked.

Molly did like to explore skeletons, she was fascinated by them.

"Where is my brother?" The captain paced the deck, anxiously.

"Gone off again, sir."

He rolls his eyes. "Well, then - off with yeh - go find him!"

"Yes, sir, right away, Captain sir. Though how will we, sir - he took the last skiff..."

"Then you sail for Baker Island, you idiot."

"Yes, sir, I'll alert them." The first mate responds dutifully, taking his leave of his Captain.

The good ship Violet makes a sharp turn across the orange-tinted water, speeding toward Baker's Island.
Her captain sits in his quarters, brooding.

His brother didn't want to marry the girl, but someone had to.

Halfway across the water, a dark shape moves along the horizon. .

"I'll have them," mutters Finale's captain to his parrot. "I'll have all of them."

"Squark! Steady as she goes! Squark! Steady as she goes!"

"Sir, you can't possibly plan to capture all the merpeople."

"They'll sell for a price won't they Moran? Then everyone will want and fear me." He levels his dark eyes toward the horizon. "Full speed. Now."

"Yes, sir, Captain."

[[I think this ate my brain.]]
Zjackt Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I am Chinese.LOL
Is this a big challenge?

Jim 's grand entrance.HOT & CRAZY!
Maybe his parrot like him.Being covered in blood-red feather and having big eyes.

I'm so worried about John’s situation.What and how would Jim do to capture all merpeople.
Merman Run! *just kidding*

P.S:Molly is a mermaid!! I like this setting!!!<3
seriousjokerfan Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
I totally pictured this.

Yes, it's a challenge, I just wondered about what 'big words' you had for it, somethings aren't easily expressed in the same way in the english language so ... IDK?

Basically it's a bit where they pretend it's all treasure and it's really a trap for the mermaids, when the mermen try to rescue them, they'll be caught too, and he's going to try to drag them to shore in a big net and sell them. Also Captain Mycroft tries to stop them and somehow Sherlock ends up in the water, and hence John saves his life.

Still haven't gotten any closer to deciding whether they both get feet or fins in the ending.
Because obviously they couldn't stand to be apart after that. And I'm sorry I spoiled it, just don't have all the time in the world to write it yet. I still might, :D

I am glad you like it so far. I still can't think of a title.


He sits by his campfire, wondering what curious creature would bother to observe him. Other than his brother. So far, they'd been very shy, and he'd only examined a dead one. But this taught him nothing.

He didn't really want to make himself an experiment and be dragged down with them, but that might be his only option. Were they better than people?
Less social perhaps, less societal demands?

A ship appears on the horizon. He doesn't need light to see that it has the tan sails and the insignia of The Company.

"Oh buggar," he mumbles, poking at the fire with a stick.

Molly finally coaxes him out of the cave to see another half-skeleton to examine. Even though he really doesn't want to, he cares not. It will get his mind off the mysterious dark-haired pirate in his little lonely skiff.

"And see, here, someone broke this man's ankle, It's mended."

"Aha - now where's the head?"

"That's the problem. I can't find it!" She seems distressed a little. "You don't think someone took his head and dumped the body, do you?"

"It's possible," he drawls.

The call of the flute, high pitched, sounds throughout the ocean floor, calling them back to their evening meeting.

John liked Molly of course, she was a little odd - for a mermaid, more interested in dead humans than live ones.
Not that it mattered.


Captain Mycroft stands on the deck.

There's a campfire going on the shore. He can see this.

Brother most likely.

He sighs. Maybe he's come to his senses about marriage.

Trouble would be, would the girl even have him?
Her family hated piracy.

The Finale is close now, closing in on the small community of mermaids, near Skull Island.
Captain James giggles and his parrot squawks with approval.
The trap is laid, the players are ready.
Zjackt Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Sorry for my late reply.
I have to prepare my final presentation in the school for a whole day.
For spoiler: Well done! They are indeed Holmes!
I‘m so happy that Sherlock falls into the water and not jump from the rock named Bartz .
Because John is a merman!!LOL
I love your fic indeed!
Jim is so clever,although he did all things out of selfish motives.
Merpeople are in obvious danger.God bless them.Holmes bless them.
Sherlock is puzzled by his brother so is his brother.Both lovely.

John & Sherlock haven't met yet.
Waiting for the climax of the fic!
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Wow, beautiful!
Zjackt Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you~
Ramsi Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
So beautiful! :heart:

I love this design. And the colours are perfect.

John as a merman...fantastic!
Zjackt Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks~^ ^
staypee Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012   Digital Artist
Pirate Sherlock! Is John a merman? :la:
Zjackt Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
YES~of course~
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